What do Gauteng debt counsellor companies charge?

Unfortunately, although the charges are minimal, debt counselling is not free. The following fees normally apply to different stages of the process:

  • An application fee of R50 is payable on applying to a debt counsellor for a debt review
  • A rejection fee of R300 applies if you are not eligible for debt counselling
  • The debt counsellor’s fee (a maximum of R6 000), or the first instalment of your restructured repayment, whichever is the least. If your instalment is less than R6 000, your debt counsellor may charge you no more than the instalment.
  • After-care fees totalling 5% of your monthly instalment, up to a maximum of R400 a month for 24 months.
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DEBT COUNSELLOR GAUTENG | What Gauteng debt counsellors charge